VERTICAL CARE SERVICES (VCS) is a not-for-profit voluntary welfare organization registered with the Registry of Societies (2176/2005 WEL). We seek to effect transformation in lives, families and communities through various forms of social services and activities.

VCS started with a group of men and women who have worked personally in the heartlands, and seen the needs of the society. Seeing also the potential of every human being, it is sad to see many who never reach their full potential for various different reasons. Some grow up in difficult circumstances and environments that they were born into, and others were just not given the opportunity or guidance. Hence, it is with this heart to reach out and help the society that VCS was born.

OUR VISION is to see lives transformed, families strengthened, and communities changed through loving and caring for our society.

OUR MISSION is to provide various forms of social service to the community by the provision of assistance, activities, education, training services or counselling. We look to promote relationship enrichment between parents and children, spouses, intergenerational family members, teachers and pupils, and peers.

Mrs. Jacinta Loh (President)
Mr. Gerald Khoo (Vice-President)
Mr. Victor Loh (Secretary)
Mr. John Tan (Treasurer)

VERTICAL CARE SERVICES was named to represent the following:

  1. VERTICAL represents the extent of growth potential any human being has, where the sky’s the limit. We believe that every person has the potential to make a positive and lasting impact in their family, community and society. Hence, we see the potential and strive to bring out the best in any person.
  2. CARE represents the acronym for Community Assistance Relational Enrichment, and also shows the way to effect change through loving and caring.

The logo depicts a butterfly in the side-view. The butterfly was chosen because of the metamorphosis and transformation that a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. The end result of the transformation represents the beauty, grace, and freedom that a person can have when released into their full potential. The colors of choice for the butterfly represent the vibrancy of life after transformation.